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Movie Review: Vegam (2007) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still S.Ve.Shekhar seems determined to lose the money - and the goodwill - he earned from all his successful dramas. First there was the unwise decision to enter politics and contest the elections a few years ago. Now he has produced a movie with his son Ashwin in the lead. Not only is Ashwin completely unsuited to play the hero, the film, a combination of a bad romance and weak action ripped off from Cellular, provides nothing to make Ashwin more tolerable.

Ashwin(Ashwin) works for an event management company. His sister's marriage has just been fixed and that paves the way for his romance too as he and his sister's fiance's sister Archana(Archana) fall in love. Archana, who works in Malaysia, returns after the wedding and its not long before Ashwin follows her to Malaysia. Around the same time, a Tamil housewife(Kushboo) in Malaysia has her house broken into and is locked up in a room. The phone in her room is smashed up but she manages to put the pieces together to place a random call. Ashwin receives the call on his cell phone and she pleads with him to save her.

The director has looked to Hollywood for the main story of his film but this being Tamil cinema, he has been forced to add a romance, which he does in a very shoddy fashion. Ashwin comes across as rude, chauvinistic and vulgar in his encounters with Archana(and even her friends) but a couple of cliched do-gooder acts are all thats needed to make her fall for him. Ashwin's sister's wedding gives us some hope since weddings are usually fun and present a nice surrounding for a cute romance. But not here. An insipid fight and some atrocious comedy are all that the wedding here gives us.

The director begins to shamelessly rip off the Hollywood hit Cellular once the film moves to Malaysia. Almost every sequence in the original, from Kushboo's lucky, frantic call to Ashwin to Ashwin's cell phone recharge under gunpoint to the role of Kushboo's son in the whole drama, is regurgitated but with absolutely none of the tension or the suspense. Its actually pretty amazing that a film can be made as almost a scene-by-scene copy of another film and still not recreate even one of the aspects that made the original click.

One of the things Cellular had going for it was its pace. Loopholes and logic errors were forgotten because the film never let the pace flag right from the word "go". Vegam might have a chance of working if the director had understood that principle. Nope! Even when Kushboo is in trouble and Ashwin is racing to save her, he introduces comedy(in the form of two constables who keep losing and then looking for their car) and duets(though, on the positive side, they do remind us that Archana is in the cast!) that put the brakes on the story. S.Ve.Shekhar makes an appearance with some oh-so-clever puns about Ashwin's relationship to him but his self-referential remarks about being rigid about payment for his dramas gets a few laughs.

Ashwin is too plump to play even a romantic hero role and so this action hero role is definitely way out of his league. But he seems to think pretty high of himself(or maybe its his father, S.Ve.Shekhar, who thinks high of his son) considering the hyped-up introduction and the sleeveless t-shirts. Archana seems lost and makes no impression. If Kushboo wasn't in the cast, the movie might well have become a spoof and her sincere performance is more than what the movie deserves. Prabhu is wasted and gets to indulge in some heroics only in the climax.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam