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Movie Review: Nenjirukkum Varai (2006) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Director S.A.Chandrasekharan's last film Sukhran started off as an emotional film about lovers on the run. But the emotions got lost in the shadow of Vijay's image once he made an appearance as a lawyer. SAC picks another romantic subject for Nenjirukkum Varai and does so without including Vijay(or any other leading hero) in the proceedings. That turns out to be a good idea since he delivers a film that succeeds in remaining emotional right until the end.

Ganesan(Narain) is an auto driver and Bhuvana(Deepa), the daughter of a rich businessman, falls for him. Her father(Mahadevan) disowns her but Naren's loving family accepts her as their own and they become one large happy family. But their happiness is shortlived as Bhuvana gets into an accident and falls into a coma. The doctors say that a heart transplant will save her life but Ganesan naturally does not have the kind of money needed for such expensive surgery.

The romance between Narain and Deepa is set up without making the rich girl-poor boy romance seem too awkward or unbelievable. Narain's loving family and Deepa's distant father, though cinematic and cliched, help make the romance more acceptable since Deepa feels that she is getting not just a husband but a complete family. But silly sequences, like the one where Deepa watches Narain's family for an entire day standing at the doorstep with no one noticing her, abound and prevent the romance from really involving us.

The action that Narain takes to ensure that Deepa gets her heart transplant is ripped off from a Hollywood film from a few years ago. But the execution here is sloppy and we never get the feeling that it could actually work. Narain's job then is to earn the sympathy of people around him but everything is too cinematic. The people around him are stock characters whose reactions and behaviors are easily predictable.

The climax manages to rise above the amateurishness of the proceedings leading upto it and be quite emotional. It raises many questions but they can be explained away by the fact that someone in the grip of love doesn't think straight. Or doesn't think at all. So inspite of - or maybe because of - the questions, it does succeed in its task of illustrating the power of love. The amateurishness is never lost(the sequences make complicated surgery look laughably easy) but the climax manages to be suspenseful and emotionally strong.

Narain plays the same role he did in Chithiram Pesudhadi for the most part. His Malayalam accent peeps through sometimes but his deep voice comes in handy in the heavier scenes. Deepa looks like another of those heroines who shows up in one film and is then forgotten.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam