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Movie Review: Kovai Brothers (2006) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Satyaraj seems to have made two decisions. One, sarcasm and spoofing other movies are the only two things his movies need to have. And two, he will do anything needed to give his son Sibiraj a foothold in Tamil cinema. Kovai Brothers is proof of just how wrong these two decisions are. Completely illogical, unfunny and boring, the film is guaranteed a spot on my year-end 'Worst Films of the Year' list. Since Satyaraj and Sibi first starred in Jore, their movies together have seen a downward trend in quality. One can only hope that Kovai Brothers is the nadir.

Satyaraj and Sibiraj are the Kovai brothers - two friends from Coimbatore who arrive in Chennai with the aim of geting a job at A TV, one of the television channels. They both also try to get the attention of Sania(Namitha), a popular host on one of the programs on the channel. The two eventually manage to launch their own TV program, 'Kovai Brothers' but it soon turns out that they have a hidden agenda and are using the program to achieve this agenda.

Films like Adithadi and Mahaanadigan were successful because they used Satyaraj's spoofs and satirical dialogs in the aid of a decent story. Both Shakti Chidambaram and Satyaraj seem to have forgotten that while making Kovai Brothers. The movie is chockful of spoofs(Ghajini, New and Manmadhan being the most obvious) and thinly-disguised attacks on famous and popular personalities but none of them generate a single laugh. The humor in each of these spoofs lasts roughly one second before we realize how ill-fitting the spoof is to the proceedings. And many of the attacks on personalities seem mean-spirited rather than funny.

The opening scene, which seems right out of any of those social vigilante movies like Indian or Ramanaa, makes it clear that Kovai Brothers has some kind of a social angle. And similar scenes are showcased periodically to make sure that we don't forget it. But that doesn't make the antics of Satyaraj and Sibi any easier to endure. The two of them compete with each other in trading inappropriate and unsuitable lollu comments and wooing Namitha unconvincingly with silly plans. Vadivelu joins them with one of his worst comedy tracks in recent times. The track hits new lows in crude and vulgar humor.

The movie eventually establishes a connection between its two heroes and all those scenes showcasing the inefficiency of government officers. As expected, it is via a flashback designed to elicit our sympathy and provide a strong reason for the heroes' acts. Though it takes things to the extreme, it does do its job. But it also has a negative effect in that it ends up showing Satyaraj and Sibi in a bad light. Their acts so far, like wooing Namitha, appear to trivialize what happened in the flashback and they lose any chance of gaining some sympathy. And the flashback includes a cricket sequence that is sheer torture and ends in a disgustingly distasteful manner.

Satyaraj once again shows up in a horrid wig and his self-deprecating humor doesn't really find its mark. It is quite obvious that he is taking a backseat, leaving the field open for Sibi. Sibi tries to match him in nakkal but that can only take him so far. He doesn't bring anything else special to the table. Namitha has found a few more dresses that are a couple of sizes too small and parades around in them. Kovai Sarala is plain irritating as she joins the spoof party.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam