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Movie Review: Kalaba Kadhalan (2006) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
Fans Rating: 78%%78%% 78% (32 votes)
Movie Still The most surprising thing about Kalaaba Kaadhalan is how boring it is. It is based on the same theme - misplaced, obsessive love - that drove Vaali, one of the best thrillers in recent times, and is bolstered by a couple of strong performances. But a poorly-paced screenplay and a weak climax make the film a surprisingly sedate affair.

Akilan(Arya), working in the city, weds Anbarasi(Renuka Menon), a shy, timid girl from a small village. Anbu's whole world revolves around Akilan and for his part, Akilan is the perfect husband, loving and affectionate. Problems arise when Anbu's sister Kamakshi(Akshaya), who arrives in the city and stays with them, also finds Akilan the perfect husband and wants him for herself. And she's a woman who's used to getting her way.

Arya and Renuka make a cute couple and director Igore does a good job of showing us that they are very much in love. The cuteness and the passion, which are a part of every new marriage, are presented well and we get the impression that these two are made for each other. This is ofcourse necessary so that we sympathize with the right people late on! At the same time, some scenes go on for way too long and the eventual payoff belies the build-up(her birthday is a good example).

The second part, the heart of the film, is handled quite competently. Akshaya has a few nice tricks up her sleeve and the director portrays her obsession well. The scenes where her attitude towards others undergoes rapid changes, depending on her mood and what she wants, capture her instability nicely. We get the sense that she is a woman who is ready to blow up(or fall apart) any second. A couple of sequences are also sensually picturized. As Akshaya pursues Arya, Arya struggles to knock some sense into her and Renuka walks around blissfully unaware of the happenings, the film gains our interest. Though some of it is lost at the slapstick nature of some Akshaya plans.

For some reason, Igore is not content with presenting Kalaaba Kaadhalan as just a story and indulges in unnecessary moralising. He seems compelled to make Akshaya a character we should sympathize with rather than someone we should hate. This admittedly adds an interesting dimension to Akshaya's character. At the same time, it forces Igore to fashion a very weak climax that does no justice to the happenings so far. It is abrupt, takes the easy way out and seems rather unfair.

Arya seems quite wooden and his slightly nasal voice gets on our nerves sometimes. With Akshaya getting the author-backed role, Renuka's job is actually tougher since her innocence and naivete could end up being irritating. But she avoids that and creates a character it is easy to like. Akshaya fits the role of the borderline psycho-woman very well. Her large eyes are very expressive and are able to mirror lust, love and anger quite easily.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam