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Movie Review: Idhaya Thirudan (2006) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Saran has had a pretty good record so far, having tasted success with films in different genres like romance, action and comedy. He returns to romance, probably his favorite genre, with Idhaya Thirudan. It has the Saran stamp both in the positives like a fast-paced screenplay and a plot twist and the negatives like a weak climax but the overload of coincidences and contrivances is the movie's biggest problem.

Deepika(Kaamna) hates the control imposed on her life by her mother(Vani Viswanath), who is also the Home Secretary. To irritate her mom, she clicks revealing pictures of herself and emails it under the fictitious name "T.Mahesh". But turns out there really is a T.Mahesh('Jayam' Ravi), studying Catering. Circumstances make Mahesh and Deepika run into each other a few more times, which irritates Mayilravanan(Prakashraj), a policeman who is in love with Deepika.

Almost all movies bank on coincidences at some point to move the plot forward. But Idhaya Thirudan relies on them every step of the way. Every important plot development happens based on an event or a sequence of events that seem contrived or totally improbable. Ofcourse coincidences are a part of life and cannot be discounted. But being bombarded with so many in the span of two and a half hours makes it tiring. And the fact that some of them(like the way Kaamna comes up with the name 'T.Mahesh') are completely silly makes them even more difficult to accept.

The movie maintains our interest by keeping things moving at a good pace. There are a number of characters, each with a minor track of its own. The way their stories intersect is interesting and helps keep the story moving. Ofcourse the problem is that, with only two and a half hours at his disposal, Saran can do justice to only a few of the characters. So many of the characters simply fade away without contributing anything to the story.

As in movies like Kaadhal Mannan and Jay Jay, Idhaya Thirudan too finds the hero pursuing the heroine who is reluctant to admit her love. Kaamna's valid reason for rejecting Ravi and her stubbornness make her an interesting character and add some interest though the result is a foregone conclusion.

'Jayam' Ravi tries to play a macho role here and acquits himself creditably. Kaamna looks pretty in some angles. I was never sure if Prakashraj was a comedian or a villain and the actor too oscillates between those two personas. Vani Viswanath could serve as competition to Ishwarya with her manly voice but is otherwise unremarkable. There are a few lines that have the 'Crazy' Mohan touch in that they are clever and/or funny. But otherwise the story doesn't offer much scope for his brand of comedy.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam