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Movie Review: Ennamma Kannu (2000) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still There are movies that are average throughout and offer nothing special or praiseworthy. The best thing that can be said about such movies is that they are not unpleasant. Ennammaa Kannu is also an average movie but with a difference. It offers a lot that is appreciable but also balances this with some unpleasant insertions. I laughed at a lot of places, admired the sharpness of the dialogs at many others and was entertained. But I walked out of the theater with the feeling of having seen just an average movie and realising how much better it would have been had just a few parts had been trimmed out.

Kaasi(Satyaraj) is a womaniser whose only two needs in life are wine and women. The latest woman to catch his roving eye is Gayatri(Devayani), a simple and traditional woman. Naturally, she hates him for his advances. When Kaasi learns that Gayatri is none other than his best friend Vishwa's(Ranjit) girlfriend, he backs off. But Vishwa disappears without a trace on the day of his marriage with Gayatri and she is left stranded. Kaasi provides her accomodation in his house which she unwillingly accepts. But her opinion of him gradually undergoes a change.

The dialogs are sharp at many points and help move the story forward inspite of the familiar situations. Ofcourse they are vulgar in some places but they do fit in with Satyaraj's characterisation of a drunk and womaniser. The dialogs are both funny(like Satyaraj's classification of women based on the way they do their hair!) and clever(like Devayani's clever use of the word 'koattai' with respect to love and friendship in the end). Vadivelu also raises some chuckles with a double role(a policeman and a pimp) with lots of in-jokes about cops in other movies. The mix-up scenes are quite funny though not related to the story.

The other strength of the movie is Satyaraj. After a really long time, he gets a role he can really sink his teeth into and relishes it. Many of the dialogs are enhanced by his 'nakkal' delivery. He really shines in the first half where he is not constrained by the shackles of being a 'regular', good hero. Though he mellows as the movie progresses, he has no heroine or duets. Devayani looks pale throughout but fits the bill as far as the role is concerned. Ranjit is adequate and Sarala gets to again indulge in her favorite activity of thrashing Vadivelu.

Characterisation does not seem to be the director's strong point. Initially, we are pleasantly surprised to see Satyaraj's character which doesn't fit any of the characteristics of a tamil hero. But the director is compelled to show his good-heartedness through an incident which doesn't gel. Devayani's character too is poorly developed. The climactic scenes, which raise Satyaraj's image, completely ruin her character. The director is also guilty of raising our expectations and then dashing them. The intermission point in this movie is one of the most effective I remember seeing recently and raises our expectations but ends in a damp squib when the movie continues.

This movie has it all - the good, the bad and the ugly! If Satyaraj and the sharp dialogs were good and the unnecessary vulgarity and the characterisation were bad, Jyotilakshmi's dance sequence is ugly. Both the group dances are unnecessary and having Jyotilakshmi perform the number in those kinds of skimpy clothes is a crime on the viewer's senses. Though just two song sequences, these really drag the standard of the movie down. Deva comes up with a mix of both melodious and crass songs.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam