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Movie Review: Karka Kasadara (2005) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Many years ago, R.V.Udhayakumar used to be a name to reckon with behind the camera. He made the village milieu all his own with hits like Kizhakku Vaasal and Ponnumani and directed movies with both Rajnikanth(Ejamaan) and Kamalhassan(Singaravelan). After being missing in action for long time he has resurfaced with Karka Kasadara. But the quality of the movie makes us wish he had remained under the surface!

Rahul(Vikranth), who lives in Bombay, is visiting his grandparents' village to do research for his thesis. They welcome him with open arms since they have never seen him (his dad earned his parents' ire by marrying a North Indian woman). Paaru(Diya), a neighbor, falls for Rahul but Rahul falls in love with Anjali(Lakshmi Rai), the local bigwig's sister. Naturally, the bigwig is not too happy when he learns that Anjali has fallen for Rahul too.

When the movie starts, we are lulled into thinking that it might be a little different since a stunt sequence is avoided when we come to expect it. But once the romance starts, we know we in familiar territory. Diya falls in love at first sight with Vikranth. And then Lakshmi Rai falls for him when she notices his love for animals(hmmm, if only she had met a veterinary doctor before she saw Vikram, we would've been spared this movie!). The first appearance of the affectionate-to-sister-but-cruel-to-everyone-else brother makes it clear how the movie is going to proceed and we are not let down.

We are all familiar with the route of the screenplay in a film where the hero falls in love with a heroine with a possessive relative. And Udhayakumar is no Lingusamy(Run) when it comes to making the familiar screenplay interesting. His ideas are limited to making the couple run into Kerala so that Vikranth can fight some Malayali goons. Speaking of the segment in Kerala, I think Udhayakumar himself was under the influence of some of the famous Kerala liquor when he thought up this segment. In a movie filled with ridiculous scenes, this section takes the puttu. There's this scene where Lakshmi Rai moves from one injured goon to the next, wiping the blood off their faces while talking, where I just burst out laughing uncontrollably! And Vikranth, with his lover next to him, asks for a Shakeela-type dance and then takes part in it! Good way to impress your lover!

Udhayakumar probably realised that his film had absolutely nothing new to offer to the large section of the audience that looks for story, screenplay or characters(not that the realization would have required a lot of thinking). So he has apparently decided to appeal to the small section of the audience that goes to the movies primarily for skin show and vulgarity and loaded the film with vulgarity. Neither romance nor comedy is left alone with both Vikranth's romancing of Lakshmi Rai and his comedy scenes with Vadivelu being chockful of double entendres. And the vulgarity in the lines and scenes that have been left alone by the censors makes us shudder thinking about the original, untouched product.

Vikranth's only qualification is that he is Vijay's relative. He does look a lot like Vijay and there are a lot of in-jokes referring to Vijay and his films just in case someone missed the resemblance. I'm thinking Vijay must have encouraged Vikranth to act since after seeing Vikranth's expressionless face and monotonous voice, even Vijay begins to look like a good actor! Lakshmi Rai and Diya around for one purpose only and they do that without much ado. Vadivelu seems to be slipping back to his unfunny routines after making us laugh in movies like Giri and Chandramukhi. Seetha once again plays the downtrodden wife while Charuhasan and Manorama are cliched movie grandparents.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam