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Movie Review: London (2005) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Sundar C., who tasted success in the masala genre with Giri, returns to his favorite genre, comedy, in London. The source here is Kaakkaakkuyil, a Mohanlal comedy directed by Priyadarshan(which in turn copied one of its storylines from A Fish Called Wanda) but Sundar C. atleast deserves credit for selecting a movie that suits his style, to copy from! With a huge number of characters, a complicated storyline, several subplots and comedy aiming for the lowest common denominator, London's story is right up his alley. Unfortunately, London is packed with too much of these factors and too much of a good thing is bad too.

Sivaraman(Prashanth) goes to London to take up a job that he believes will help him drive away all of his family's troubles. But he loses his only bag, and with nowhere to go, hooks up with Kathiravan(Pandiarajan) and becomes part of a gang that robs a bank. When a doublecross leads to the leader of the gang(Manivannan) being jailed, Siva attempts to pose as the longlost grandson of a blind, aged couple(Vijayakumar and Srividya). A confusion results in the couple thinking their grandson to be a combination of Siva's voice and Kathir's body. Meanwhile, Iswarya(Mumtaj), one of the gang members, attempts to seduce Vedimuthu(Vadivelu), her boss' lawyer, to get information on the stolen money's new location.

With too many subplots running in parallel, London is way too complicated for a comedy movie. In fact, the storyline of A Fish Called Wanda, which itself has several plots, is not even the main track here! There is also a surplus of characters and with almost all the characters connected to one another, it is quite a task keeping track of who knows who and how. So when we see Manivannan shout at Pandiarajan, who is running away from Vadivelu, who in turn hides from Prashanth, it takes us a while to figure exactly why! On the positive side, the multiple subplots and large number of characters ensure the proceedings are rarely boring.

The necessarily frequent jumps between subplots make sure we don't think too much about what's happening on screen. The main advantage of this is that all the main subplots end up tickling our funny bone quite regularly. The voice-body coordination that Prashanth and Pandiarajan are forced to show in front of Vijayakumar and Srividya is funny and features some good choreography in their small movements and actions. Vadivelu is at his drooling best with Mumtaj but its his torture at the hands of Nalini that earns more laughs. 'Delhi' Ganesh earns our sympathy even as he makes us laugh as he tries in vain to prove that Prashanth and Pandiarajan are actually two persons. The track that fails to raise laughs involves Mayilsamy. His stuttering fails in the run for cheap laughs and his misfiring attempts on 'Delhi' Ganesh aren't particularly funny either.

The movie, which is initially quite funny, goes overboard as it proceeds. It becomes especially confusing when the characters from two or more subplots end up at the same place. This is the case in the scenes at the hospital where it becomes exhausting to just keep track of what exactly is going on. And logic, which was on thin ice to begin with, goes clean out the window as a doctor orders a brain operation since his patient is unconscious and then lets the patient walk out since he regains consciousness and says his friend cured him! Some sentiments enter the picture towards the end and they are welcome since they bring some sanity into all the chaos.

Prashanth seems lost in the ocean of characters surrounding him and is mostly a spectator to the goings-on around him. Ankitha's face looks kinda asymmetrical and she certainly doesn't deserve the accolades Prashanth heaps on her in a song. Pandiarajan raises a few laughs in Prashanth's company. Vadivelu is very funny both when drooling over Mumtaj and when caught in some unexplainable position with Nalini. Mumtaj gets to do more than an item number while Vijayakumar and Srividya are solid. Only Yaaro Oruthi... makes an impression in Vidyasagar's otherwise weak soundtrack.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam