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Movie Review: Sukran (2005) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still S.A.Chandrasekhar's famous and successful films have always dealt with law and involved a scenario where loopholes in the law are exploited. After dealing unsuccessfully with other genres(he tackled the serial killer thriller genre with Mutham), he returns to his favorite subject. Providing him company is his son Vijay in an extended guest role. Surprisingly, its the combination of law and Vijay that is the movie's undoing. Vijay's heroic turn and a lacklustre courtroom climax pull down what is until then a realistic story of lovers on the run.

Ravishankar(Ravikrishna) and Sandhya(Natisha), classmates in college, are in love with each other. But Sandhya's cruel stepmother(Nalini) wants to marry her off to her uncle, a rowdy. With Ravi's father's approval, the young couple run away to Madras. But they fall into the hands of a corrupt trio of a judge(Rajan. P. Dev), a police officer(Sriman) and a minister's son, who gangrape Sandhya. Ravi and Sandhya decide to commit suicide but are saved by Sukhran(Vijay) whose sermon gives them the will to live and succeed in life.

The romance between Ravi and Natisha is sweet enough to make us like them. His lines and acts with her seem naughty and cute rather than vulgar. But was it really necessary to show all the teachers in their college in a bad light? The affectionate relationship between Nasser and Ravi is also portrayed well and their friendly banter makes us smile (there is also a friendly nod to Mouna Raagam in the scene where Nasser first meets Natisha). But S.A.Chandrasekhar goes to the extreme here too. While a father and his college-going son discussing his love seems OK, the father pouring his son a drink and encouraging him to elope is a bit too much.

Ravi and Natisha easily earn our sympathy as they first go on the run and then meet the villains. The villains too earn our repulsion both because of the nature of their jobs and the deviousness of their acts. Unfortunately, S.A.Chandrasekhar too earns our displeasure with the way he portrays the rape scene. It lasts too long and seems exploitative. But the way Ravi consoles Natish after the deed, reflecting the husband's attitude in Vaanam Vasappadum, is simple but soothing and endears him to us. It is here that Vijay makes his first appearance and his words to the couple are quite strong and uplifting.

Guest spots are usually strong characters that are important to the screenplay and typically perk up a movie. Vijay's character(after whom the movie is named) here is strong and important alright, but fails to ignite the movie. On the other hand, the movie turns downward after his arrival the second time. The movie begins to revolve around him and the realism maintained upto this point disappears in the shadow of his image. Worse, after all the buildup about his capabilities in court, the court scene turns out to be a huge letdown. Vijay's tactics are unconvincing and his arguments are juvenile. His methods of proving Ravi's innocence would never work in reality unless the judge and other lawyers were both stupid and blind!

Ravikrishna earns our sympathy in a non-heroic role. He has a naive way of dialog delivery that is funny and cute sometimes(like when he pleads with Natisha to let him take back his coin) but gets on our nerves at other times. Natisha provides the glamor and is likable when she is with Ravi. Vijay is all style and no substance. His dialog delivery, even when he is challenging 'Pepsi' Vijayan, is listless and his performance in court is also uneven. Nasser plays the friend-more-than-father role convincingly while Nalini fits the role of the villainous stepmother. Inspite of appearinng in just a couple of scenes, Bhaskar makes us laugh heartily with his well-timed and well-delivered comments. Vijay Milton's soundtrack is youthful and exuberant. Suppose Onna... is the pick of the lot with a very catchy tune. Un Paarvaiyil... and Uchi Muthal... are also enjoyable tunes.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam