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Movie Review: Jhoot (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Like director Lingusamy, who followed up the soft Aanandham with the masala flick Run, Azhagamperumal too takes the masala route with Joot after Dum Dum Dum, his first movie. But one wishes he hadn't followed Lingusamy this closely. Joot is little more than a rehash of Run(with a little bit of Dhool thrown in) without the handling that made the original a first-class entertainer.

Eeswaran(Srikanth), a villager, travels to Chennai for his father's medical treatment. Another item on his agenda is to unite his father with Eeswaran's younger brother, who married a girl against his father's wishes. He stays with his brother in S.S.Colony and falls in love with Meera(Meera Jasmine), a law graduate. Aditya('Pepsi' Vijayan), a powerful rowdy, wants to raze the colony to the ground for a client of his and this forces Eeswaran to stand up to him.

Joot follows Run's storyline to the letter. Srikanth's move to the city(though the reason is a little different), his romance and his clashes with a local, powerful rowdy all give rise to a feeling of deja vu. The fact that we have the same heroine in Meera Jasmine and a separate comedy track with Vivek further increase the similarities. But Azhagamperumal has fashioned a fast screenplay and handles key individual sequences with enough elan to keep boredom away. The catchy songs and superbly choreographed stunt sequences also do their part in keeping us in our seats.

Azhagamperumal proves to be quite competent whether handling romance, family relations or action. And this is definitely important in Joot which relies on all three to keep things moving. Meera's posing as Srikanth's sister-in-law is a wonderful and jolly start to their romance though the level of fun takes a dive in their subsequent meetings. Srikanth's relationship with his father is also handled well with the strength and stubbornness of the father's character adding a nice touch. As far action goes, the railway track sequence that marks the intermission point is the pick of the lot. It is picturised thrillingly and is on par with the sequence in Dhill.

Joot takes an unwarranted turn into sentiments that affects the pace of the movie and decreases its entertainment factor. There are a few unnecessary deaths that don't fit in with the tone of the rest of the movie. But barring this, the movie is kept on a fairly balanced route. Srikanth's plans to deal with 'Pepsi' Vijayan and the police inspector show some clever thinking instead of relying simply on brawn. The climax fight is suitably extravagant and well-staged in the container yard.

Srikanth fits the bill in his first 'action' role and his look and dresses aid him well in being convincing as an action hero. Meera gets to do a little bit more than the heroines in such action films. She looks cute and is earns a few points with the way she tackles the police inspector when taking Srikanth away. Vivek's comedy track, while separate from the main story, still has its own story as he repeatedly injures family members with a scooter. It is very funny but is also quite vulgar in some places. Malayalam actor Murali is dignified as usual while 'Pepsi' Vijayan is suitably menacing. Azhagiya Koondhal... is a melodious number though Kattabomma Kattabomaa... has a better chance of earning fans with its catchy beats. Vedi Veesuraan... and Theemtharikita... also have catchy folksy tunes.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam