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Movie Review: Three Roses (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Rambha must forever be ruing the day she decided to turn producer with 3 Roses. The movie made the news on a regular basis but not for good reasons. Broken promises (both Simran and Arjun left the project after agreeing to act in it initially), financial issues, tension between the actresses and the delayed schedule all provided gist for the rumour mills and the magazines. And the disastrous effects all these problems have had on the movie is clearly evident from the final product.

Pooja(Rambha), Nandhu(Jyothika) and Charulatha(Laila) are the closest of friends, even living in the same house. They studied together in Kuwait, where they were friends with Aasha(Rekha), a Kuwaiti girl. Aasha elopes with Salim(Vijay Adhiraj) and arrives in Chennai. She is arrested on suspicion of terrorism while people in Kuwait want her dead and enlist the help of an MLA(Rajan P. Dev). Pooja, Nandhu and Charulatha decide to help Aasha and they are joined in their crusade by Chandralekha(Urvasi), a lawyer.

It is pretty obvious that director Parameshwar has struggled with the tone to adopt for the movie. He is unsure about whether to make 3 Roses a romance, a comedy, an action movie or a thriller. Evidently he never reached a decision even after starting making the movie. So his solution is to throw in some elements from all those categories, with no concern for whether they go well together or not. This leads to tracks being started and either left hanging or closed abruptly. The sequences where the three try to cover up a murder is the most obvious example of this. The track has no link to the main story, goes nowhere and ends abruptly after outliving its usefulness(of padding the running time). This movie's screenplay makes Diwaan's screenplay look like a masterpiece!

With Rambha, Jyothika and Laila apparently returning after going to college in Kuwait, working on a music album and chasing after someone who grabs their bag and tying him down, the movie announces itself to be far detached from reality. With that in mind, the only approach that would have had a chance of working was campy fun. There are a few moments, usually revolving around Laila and her nightmares, that seem to adopt this approach. But the serious tone of the rest of the movie indicates that those moments were simply intended to be comic relief. As the three heroines go on a 'blind' hunger strike in front of the court, the proceedings come to a standstill and all the fun is gone.

Both Rambha and the director must have lost confidence in the way the movie shaped up since a huge portion of the movie is eventually occupied by Vivek. As a detective who follows them and eventually, a diehard fan of Mumtaj who is taken for a ride, Vivek gets the lion's share of the screen time. Unfortunately the quality of his comedy matches the quality of the rest of the movie. A few scenes(like his finding someone making a pirated VCD of his work) find their mark but the majority of the comedy track falls flat. He gets a few chuckes but these are more out of our familiarity with him rather than the humor in the situations.

Rambha tried valiantly to prop up the movie but definitely does not have the body to carry off the stunts in an even remotely convincing fashion. The usually bubbly Jyothika is uncharacteristically serious and subdued and looks lost. With two big hits this year in Dhool and Kaakka Kaakka, she will be looking to forgetting this movie fast. Laila plays her usual cheerful role while Rajan.P.Dev is all bark and no bite as the villain. Urvasi doesn't overact while Rekha, from Punnagai Poove plays the Kuwaiti girl.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam