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Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Sundar. C, one of the most prolific directors in Tamil cinema until just a little while back, has movies belonging to several different genres on his resume. He has made slapstick comedies like Ullathai Alli Thaa, action flicks like Rishi and pure love stories like Ullam Kollai Poguthey. For Winner, he mixes elements from all three genres. But as in those individual movies, he once again proves that action is not his forte but the romance and comedy help carry Winner through.

Sakthi(Prashanth), who has made a habit of getting into fights, is packed off to his grandparents'(M.N.Nambiar, M.N.Rajam) house in the village. There he meets Neelaveni(Kiran) when attending a marriage and woos her. Soon she falls for him too but her father(Pratap Singh) has another groom, her uncle(Rajkapoor), in mind for her.

Since comedy has brough Sundar. C the most fame and the most box-office success, it is understandable that a major portion in Winner is devoted to comedy. Thankfully, the comedy is brought in as part of the movie rather than a separate comedy track. Here Vadivelu, with a little help from Prashanth, gets into trouble with everyone from the villains to the kids in Kiran's large family. Several of these sequences contain nice laughs.

Stunt sequences in Tamil movies are usually expendable and usually overlooked. But the sequences in Winner are so outrageous that they actually have a negative effect on the movie as a whole. Matrix-style effect are overused and in totally unsuitable ways and Prashanth's heroic acts are carried to ridiculous heights. The first fight sequence and the climax are the worst offenders in this regard. And worsening matters is the fact that a similar climax was a lot more effectively picturised in Jayam.

Prashanth gets the opportunity to dance and fight and does both well enough. Kiran has some fun teasing Prashanth initially but is relegated to the background after falling in love. Vadivelu's trademark whines and expressions come in handy when at the receiving end of physical and verbal attacks. Pratap Reddy and Anuradha(the yesteryear vamp) make a convinving villainous brother-sister pair while Rajkapoor once again proves he's a better villain than director.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam