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Movie Review: Inidhu Inidhu Kadhal Inidhu (2003) Back to Movie
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Movie Still Seeing the number of movies with Kaadhal in their title, Tamil cinema seems to have recently had a resurgence of romance, atleast as far as new actors and directors are concerned. Inidhu Inidhu Kaadhal Inidhu is another addition to the list but manages to stand out, even if only slightly, from the rest of the entries. The fact that the romance takes awhile to arrive and does so in an unexpected fashion gets this Telugu remake a few more points than the other romantic movies.

Sibi(Jai Akash) and Mamathi(Neha), neighbors and college classmates, are constantly fighting and their only aim is to humiliate and embarass the other. Consequently its a joyous time for both when Mamathi has to move to Ooty. But their lives once again cross in unexpected ways after she moves.

With the deluge of recent love stories, the very fact that Inidhu Inidhu Kaadhal Inidhu begins with Akash and Neha always at each other's throats, is enough to hold our interest. Though with a title that has the word Kaadhal in it, it is pretty clear that they will end up in love, the movie manages to keep us in suspense as to how and when. The tricks they play on one another keep things lively and 'Pyramid' Natarajan has a few nice one-liners aimed at Akash. There are also a couple of moments when romance between the lead pair seems inevitable but these are also sidestepped to our pleasant surprise.

The movie takes a nice turn after Neha moves to Ooty. The secrecy surrounding Monica's suicide and Neha's pursuit of it appears to take the movie in a new direction and it is a little disappointing when we realise that the sidetrack was simply a tool to once again establish a link between Akash and Neha. But the link itself is a nice, unexpected twist and provides a firm reason for the inevitable feelings Jai and Neha develop for each other. But the loose end regarding Monica's suicide is never touched upon later.

Once Akash and Neha are connected once again, the movie falls into the same rut that plagues most other love stories. There are the usual unspoken feelings and misunderstandings that simply serve to prolong the expected denouement.

Akash, who played the second hero awhile back in Rojavanam, fits the role well. Neha, the second lead in Mounam Pesiyadhe, does well in both the fun and the serious portions. Vadivelu and Karunas appear in a comedy track with Karunas cheating Vadivelu with dreams of making it in movies. Livingston has an irritating role as a professor who appears to be one step above the students when it comes to drooling after women. Simran makes an appearance in a song.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam