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Movie Review: Well Done (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Several recent movies have proved that new directors and fresh faces do not necessarily imply a creative story or novel handling and Well Done further confirms the fact. With a flimsy story(which bears more than a little resemblance to another recent release with a much higher profile) and unimaginative handling, the director here definitely does not earn a "Well Done" from the viewer.

Jayanth(Jayanth) and Thaamarai(Chaitra) fall in love after several attempts at ragging each other. Thaamarai's father turns out to be Sriram('Anbalaya' Prabhakaran), a businessman with whom Jayanth has had several unpleasant run-ins. So Sriram begins to set plans in motion that will discredit Jayanth in the eyes of his daughter. Meanwhile, Prakash(Ramji), an ad filmmaker, also wants to wed Thaamarai but not for the right reasons.

The three main people in this drama are the same three characters who populated Vikram's recent Kaadhal Sadugudu - the hero, the girl's father, who looks at the hero with a suspicious eye, and the heroine caught between her love for her lover and affection for her father. The only difference here is the attitude of the girl's father who purposely plans to separate his daughter from her lover using his her affection as his weapon. Since Kaadhal Sadugudu is still fresh in our minds, the resulting familiarity with the story and situations, results in a lack of interest in the movie.

It looks like the latest trend in these 'youthful' movies is to exaggerate the rowdy acts of girls as the girls now seem to be taking on roles that used to be the exclusive domain of college youth a while back. Here we get a group of girls who routinely bunk classes, wear skimpy clothes, sit on a wall and tease guys who have the misfortune of looking their way. These scenes are not really interesting but unfortunately, take up most of the first half. The romance is too quick and lacks any interesting moments.

The run-ins between Jayanth and Prabhakaran make up the best parts of the movie. The fact that Prabhakaran uses cunning to deal with Jayanth instead of the usual tactic of hiring rowdies to beat him up leads to some interesting situations. The fact that Ramji is a bad guy drains all suspense about the path the movie takes. But the director deserves some credit since he avoids the usual, lame way of ending the conflict and manages to introduce a small shock at the end.

Jayanth and Chaitra are adequate though one cannot bright futures for either of them based on their performances here. Prabhakaran understands his role well and underplays it without indulging in histrionics. Ramji is OK. Just when one was relieved that there was no separate comedy track to compound our misery, 'Venniradai' Moorthy, Charlie and co. make an appearance with a vulgar and cheap track that fails miserably in raising any laughs.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam