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Movie Review: Ennai Thalatta Varuvala (2003) Back to Movie
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Movie Still Ajith has displayed tremendous inconsistency in his choice of movies. While he has chosen great movies by new directors like Suryah(Vaali), he has had more croppers than his peers Vijay and Prashanth. Ennai Thaalaatta Varuvaalaa is another testimony to his poor selection. Though he only has what could be called an extended cameo here, his very presence in such a stinker is surprising. His only consolation is that the movie, made a few years back, has been released today, when it shouldn't make much of a dent in his star power.

Vennila(Sumi) is a college girl who cannot accept failure, however small or big the stakes. She is wooed by Santosh(Vignesh) but his acts remind her of her own actions in the past. Curious to understand his gameplan, she goes professes love for him too. Meanwhile Amar(Amar), the man whom Vennila's father has selected to wed her, arrives in town. We then learn that Santosh's plan is to extract revenge on Vennila for the way she treated his brother Satish(Ajith).

The movie begins with pronouncements that the story will shock and surprise us and will be something we have never seen. Those bold statements do turn out to be true but definitely not in the way that the director intended. The film shocks us with its complete detachment from reality while Ajith's presence in the movie, even when he was not as big a star as today, surprises us. And the story is so unbelievable and its resolution so ridiculous that its no surprise that we have not seen something like this before. Ajith now definitely has an answer when someone asks him if he has ever acted in another movie whose ending was as ridiculous as Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven!

Neither Vignesh's actions nor Sumi's reactions to them are even remotely believable. Sumi is definitely the main culprit here and her character is little more than a caricature. Her plan to cheat Vignesh into thinking she is in love with him before announcing that she thinks of him as a brother makes no sense whatsoever and his way of dealing with it is sillier. The sad part is that Sumi's character, with its headstrong attitude and stubbornness, had the chance of becoming one of the few strong woman characters in Tamil cinema. But its ridiculousness and extreme nature instead makes it a farce.

Ajith's character raises some sympathy with its softness in the flashback. But the extreme nature of Sumi's revenge and the complete lack of logic behind it prevents us from being involved in the story even a little. The climax is definitely innovative and unique but those are pretty much the only things it has going for it. It includes some medical mumbo-jumbo and brings into question the ethics of all those involved in it. The final chase is again a case of missed oppurtunity since it fails to raise any tension.

Vignesh looks wooden most of the time. Ajith must be cursing the day he signed up for role since its a complete opposite of the action-oriented roles he's been concentrating on these days. Sumi is adequate while Amar overacts in an attempt to bring out the nature of his character.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam