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Movie Review: Pavalakodi (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still The word that comes to mind when watching Pavalakodi is "unenthusiasm". None of the characteristics about the movie give off the feeling that the directors launched the movie with any expectation of success. The movie, based on the Hollywood hit There's Something About Mary, features uncharismatic actors in an unoriginal movie and offers nothing worthwhile to the viewer.

Shiva(Vijaysarathy) had been in love with Pavalakodi(Paval) in school but she had been unaware of his feelings. Now, seven years later, Shiva hires Robert(Robert), a private detective, to find Paval's whereabouts. But Robert falls for Paval and after informing Shiva that she is now a fat, unmarried mother of three children, moves to her city to try and woo her. But Shyam('Crazy' Kumar), a handicapped friend of Paval, stands in his way. Meanwhile, Shiva himself arrives determined to learn about Paval for himself.

There's Something About Mary represents the strangest choice for a movie to base a Tamil remake on. That movie was funny solely because of its gross-out jokes and tendency to push the envelope in rather shocking ways, especially as far as bodily fluids were concerned. But because of their very nature, the funniest parts of the movie cannot be recreated(or at best, have to be toned down) in Tamil. So the remake is an insipid, tame affair that simply recreates the 'cleaner' portions of the original.

The movie reveals the complete lack of thinking power on the part of the directors, who make no attempt to introduce anything new. Even bad remakes usually contain a few original sequences, necessitated by the need to adapt the story to the Tamil culture. But that is not the case here. The director duo has simply created a scene-by-scene remake of There's Something About Mary and left out the unacceptable scenes. The song sequences and the introduction of Paval's murai maaman(instead of the football player in the original) are the only differences I could spot between the two versions.

Not surprisingly, the scenes that were the funniest in the original are the only ones that succeed in making us atleast chuckle. Robert's frenzied attempts to revive Paval's dog after an overdose of sleeping pills and Vijaysarathy's attempts to deal with the same dog, which is now riled up, are some of the funnier scenes. There are a couple of nice dialogs using wordplays in some of Anumohan's conversations with Vijaysarathy.

Vijaysarathy fits the role of the introverted, shy youth and is likeable. Same cannot be said of Robert. He struggles to emote and even potentially funny dialogs lose their effect because of his dialog delivery. 'Crazy' Kumar attempts to raise laughs through physical comedy but fails. Its difficult to see what all three of them see in Paval. Unlike the English version, Paval does not succeed in making her character something that every guy would want to marry. A bloated Nirosha appears in an inconsequential role as Paval's companion. Anumohan acquits himself creditably.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam