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Movie Review: Bandha Paramasivam (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Prabhu's recent movies have followed similar storylines that found a way of throwing him in the middle of two women competing for his affection. I was getting tired of the repetitiveness but I would much rather watch him in another of those movies than a venture like Bandha Paramasivam.

Cheran(Manivannan) and Pandiyan(Vinu Chakravarthy) are stepbrothers who are constantly at loggerheads and their daughters Manju(Rambha) and Anju(Abinayasri) continue their enmity. When Pandiyan insults his daughter's suitor(Livingston), he arranges to have a petty thief Paramu(Prabhu) pose as a rich man and wriggle his way in as Pandiyan's son-in-law. But Paramu mistakenly enters Cheran's house and Manju falls for him. Meanwhile, Sivam('Kalabhavan' Mani), Paramu's friend, enters Pandiyan's house posing as a cinema director. Madhavan(Abbas) helps them both since he is in love with a poor girl and is pretty sure that his father(P.Vasu) will oppose his wedding.

The movie has all the ingredients that go into a successful slapstick comedy. There are a multitude of characters, paupers posing as millionaires, millionaires forced to be chaffeurs and a series of mistaken identities. But the director has to have a firm control over the screenplay for the viewer to keep track of the proceedings. But T.P.Gajendran, who has family comedies on his resume so far, proves unequal to the task. As the movie proceeds, he digs himself in deeper and deeper with a pyramid of lies and finally fails to extricate himself from under them in a satisfactory manner. We spend all our time keeping track of who has told what lies to whom and so, find no time to laugh!

While we normally wait for the main story in any movie to kick in, this is a movie that suffers because of the main story. Manivannan and Vinu Chakravarthy trade some nice quips initially and their constant quarrels contain some laughs. But the laughs reduce as the movie proceeds and Prabhu and 'Kalabhavan' Mani make an appearance. Things get more confusing as the setting moves to P.Vasu's house. The lies told by Prabhu and the confusion as Manivannan and Vinu Chakravarthy make appearances resemble one of 'Crazy' Mohan's movies in setup but unfortunately, not in execution.

The few moments of cleverness in the movie come from sequences that have been copied from other movies. Prabhu and Abbas posing altertanely as boss and chaffeur to P.Vasu and Rambha is one such scene. The tricks they use and the way the scene has been picturised shows a comic aptitude that is missing in the rest of the movie. The director himself appears as a loyal servant who knows the truth about the drama being played but fails(usually with some bodily harm) to reveal the happenings to P.Vasu.

Prabhu is all but lost in the cacophony. 'Kalabhavan' Mani who impressed us with his unique villainy in Gemini, is loud and grating. Like Vadivelu, here is another actor who needs to be reined in to be effective. Rambha looks jaded while Abinayasri, yesteryear dancer Anuradha's dancer, passes muster. Vinu Chakravarthy and Manivannan raise some laughs initially but soon get repetitive.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam