தமிழ்த் திரைப்படத் தொகுப்பு
தலைப்பக்கம்   திரைப்படம்   நட்சத்திரம்   அங்கத்தினர்  
திரைப்பட விமர்சனம்: ஜெய்சூர்யா (2004) திரைப்பட விவரம்
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ரசிகர் மதிப்பெண்: 75%%75%% 75% (30 வோட்டு)
Movie Still Dual roles are usually a guaranteed plot point to make a movie entertaining. From Uthama Puthiran to the latest Attagaasam, movies with dual roles have used familiar concepts like mistaken identities, switching places, etc. to successfully entertain us. But there are always exceptions to the rule and Jai Soorya, which casts Arjun in a double role, is unfortunately, one such exception.

Soorya(Arjun), assisted by Baby(Laila), is a conman whose services can be bought by anyone for the right price. His tricks result in the dismissal of both the Assistant Commissioner (Ilavarasu) and his brother, the Police minister(Rajkapoor). So they seek the help of Pasupathy(Sobhraj), another dada in Madras. When Pasupathy is recruited by a goon from Calcutta to kidnap the Kancheepuram collector, Soorya decides to foil his plan and save the collector. When saving the man, he finds that the collector Jai Anand(Arjun) is a spitting image of himself. Jai's fiancee Priya(Chaya Singh) tells Soorya about Jai's past as the collector in Calcutta.

Jai Soorya is not a disaster from the word 'go'. Arjun's tricks with Ilavarasu and Rajkapoor are marginally interesting even if not terribly clever(though it is debatable if someone would turn around and suspend his own brother over something a total stranger has said). While such acts label him as a conman, it is surprising when he is suddenly called one of the two leading dadas in Madras! The other big chunk of the movie is occupied by the collector's flashback. It just serves to bring forth more enemies but is otherwise cliched and predictable as Arjun, in this role, stands upto Kazhan Khan and 'Kota' Srinivasa Rao.

Movies with dual roles usually pick up the pace and become more interesting after the two characters meet. But the reverse happens in Jai Soorya. Things get ridiculous and the movie skids to a complete stop after the collector's flashback. The usual plot point of the look-alikes switching places is used here too but leads to some inane and ridiculous sequences as the conman takes the place of the collector. An out-of-the-blue song starting off about Aishwarya Rai and a ridiculous press conference add to the silliness of the proceedings.

Arjun differentiates sufficiently well between the two roles. Laila relishes the role of Arjun's parter-in-crime and delivers a cute performance though the role doesn't sit too well on her. Chaya Singh is wasted as she is forced to tag around with Arjun. As is the trend in movies these days, there is a long line of villains here too with none of them particularly standing out.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam