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Movie Review: Sound Party (2004) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Satyaraj is one of the busiest actors in Tamil cinema these days but it has definitely been at the expense of quality. The actor, who was one of the finest villains on the Tamil screen and also proved his acting chops in some strong character roles(Vedham Pudhidhu is one that comes to mind), has been relegated to doing what amounts to variations of the same character in a line of forgettable movies. Sound Party is one more addition to the list. With its measly story and laughable characterization, it is likely to be forgotten even faster than his other movies.

Kumaresan(Satyaraj) is the rich and illiterate village do-gooder, erecting busstands and laying roads with his own, inherited money. When one of the village girls Nandhini(Pratyusha), takes first place in the state in school, Kumaresan promises to support her education financially. Aiming to be a doctor, Nandhini goes off to college while Kumaresan, who has not had much luck with women or marriage so far, starts believing that she is in love with him.

Sound Party has a really flimsy story and the director has obviously gone through a lot of trouble to pad the running time to more than two hours. As the movie stretches the single plot point of Satyaraj trying to express his feelings to Pratyusha, our impatience first turns to boredom and then to irritation. The lowpoint of this whole exercise is the long episode with Dhamu as a new doctor at Pratyusha's hospital. The sequences here, which consist of Satyaraj and his gang thinking of Dhamu as a competitor for Pratyusha's affections and planning to send him packing, adds nothing to the story and fails as a comedy detour also.

Most movies typically have one or two characters who behave in impractical or illogical ways in order to move the story in a particular direction. But almost every character in Sound Party acts as though the part of their brain responsible for logic has been excised. Characters here do things for no reason other than the necessity of the screenplay. This list includes - but is not limited to - Satyaraj, Pratyusha's mother(who at one point says that she wanted Satyaraj to be her son-in-law and in the next line, asks him to convince Pratyusha to marry someone else!), Ilavarasu and Satyaraj's group of friends.

A little interest in the movie is generated after Satyaraj reveals his true feelings. Pratyusha's reaction is not completely expected and leads to a little suspense about how the movie is going to end. The director also earns a few points by not resorting to a fight, inspite of all the necessary elements being in place, in the climax.

Satyaraj is on autopilot, taking shots at politics whenever the chance arises. The scene where he talks to Pratyusha after getting drunk is probably the only scene where we see the actor in him. Pratyusha looks pretty in what turned out to be her last film. Ilavarasu's casual way of dialog delivery is entertaining though his character is ill-defined. Vadivelu, Manivannan and Mayilsamy get to spout a few one-liners along with Satyaraj.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam