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Movie Review: En Mana Vanil (2002) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 73%%73%% 73% (9 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
A poor mute man (Jayasurya) and a rich deaf-mute girl (Kavya Madhavan) fall in love, their love supported by Jayasurya's family but opposed with a vengeance by Kavya Madhavan's family. At the same time, Kavya Madhavan is pursued by other suitors who are only after her money.

Jayasurya and Kavya Madhavan flee their hometown together, pursued by Kavya Madhavan's Uncle and 'morai maapillai.' Will their love succeed?

I have to admit something here. I laughed quite a bit in the very silly first half of this movie. I don't think it was because the movie was that funny. It was simply my half-brained mood that day.

I looked forward to seeing this movie because it was directed by Vinayan, who made the little-seen but masterful Vikram-starrer "Kaasi." Vikram had the acting power to play the title character in that brilliantly, always expressing his artistic range easily, but never overemoting.

Both Jayasurya and Kavya Madhavan do not have that artistic range. They come out not as a deaf man and a deaf-mute woman but as a pair of "loose-us" who cackle like idiots at any given situation. I wondered several times if their characters were retarded.

The first half of thos movie follows a very silly (and funny if you're in a brain-dead mood, I guess) comedy path, with breaks by Vadivelu as a hunchback, and other characters.

The second half of this movie is an equally silly (but supposedly depressing) look at the street life. In fact, some of the movie succeeds here -- thanks to an affecting portrayal by Chandrasekhar, mostly -- but we can only watch Jayasurya fight four or five times before we get annoyingly bored.

Overall verdict -- a different kind of story. A gusty move by the director. But ultimately, a failure, due mostly to the inane story, the acting by the leads, and shoddy screenwriting. Miss this one.

I like a couple of the songs. "Unnai Kaanumbodhu" comes quickly to mind. But it's not must-hear music either.



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