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Movie Review: Pesadha Kannum Pesume (2002) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Pesaadha Kannum Pesume brings together the same team that was behind 2001's Paarvai Ondre Pothumey, with director Muralishankar, hero Kunal, heroine Monal and music director Bharani. Considering the poor quality of the end product in that case, it should not have been difficult for the director to eliminate his mistakes, polish his skills, extract better performances from his familiar cast and make a better movie. But it is surprising and unfortunate that he has taken quite a few steps backward from his debut feature here.

Vikram(Kunal), who runs a modelling center, is a prankster who loves playing practical jokes on people he knows. He falls in love with Swetha(Monal) and after considerable wooing, she reciprocates his love. Priya(Mamta) joins his agency as a model and Vikram asks her to pose as his lover to trick Swetha. When Swetha doesn't fall for this, Vikram goes a step further, showing up before Swetha in the temple, in full bridal garb, and telling her that he and Priya have just been married. But his trick backfires when Priya refuses to acknowledge the lie and insists that she is Vikram's wife.

The entire first half is consumed by the romance between Kunal and Monal and without this generating any interest whatsoever, we are left waiting for something to happen to make things interesting. None of Kunal's pranks are particularly interesting and it is obvious that they were inserted just to establish his character. Neither his initial meeting with Monal nor his wooing of her are novel. Monal's lines when she accepts his love are practical but that is a flash in the pan. 'Nizhalgal' Ravi's blind support for his son is nothing new either, having been done in a better fashion in movies like Kaadhalan.

Mamta stating that her marriage to Kunal is genuine does reinvigorate the movie and offer us something to look forward to. But it becomes obvious within a little while that the director has played his only card and has nothing much else up his sleeve. Not being able to reveal the reason for her behavior until the end, he attempts to pad the running time with repeated attempts by Kunal and his gang to get Mamta to reveal the truth. This soons gets repetitive.

The truth when it does come out is nothing earth-shattering and quite anticlimactic since it is easy to predict most of it. Mamta's explanation for her behavior is also lame and the climax too itself is routine with an unnecessary fight sequence. Like Good Luck, the final minutes have a nice twist that point to an unexpected ending but the director then takes the easy way out and disappoints us with a standard ending.

Kunal must be the busiest actor working today but struggles to express emotions, whether joyful or sad. He misses the oppurtunity to essay a playful character that makes us laugh. Monal, in her last movie before her suicide, performs quite well while Mamta overacts. Karunas('Loduku' Pandian in Nandhaa has a few bright spots in the otherwise uninspired comedy track. Taking a cue from the director, music director Bharani too takes a step backward with less impressive tunes than the ones he produced for Paarvai Ondre Pothumey.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam