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Movie Review: Manathai Thirudivittai (2001) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 80%%80%% 80% (16 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Prabhu Deva is a music college student who falls in love with fellow student Gayathri Jayaram. After several songs and sentimental sequences, she too reciprocates his love. Life is going along merrily when Prabhu Deva meets Kousalya, a friend's sister, who is an angry grief-stricken young woman, and has been this way ever since she was raped a long time ago. Prabhu Deva cheers her up, and eventually, she begins to enjoy life again. Now Prabhu Deva and Gayathri Jayaram are all set to be married.

At this time, Prabhu Deva's friend Ranjit comes into his life and tells him a story about his past that Prabhu Deva did not know. Revealing that twist here would give away all the interest generated by the story, so I won't.

Let's be clear on one point before we begin. This movie is fluff. Pure inconsequential entertainment. There is nothing serious, nothing thought-provoking, about the entire movie. That said:

It's well-done fluff.

The comedy (though not always successful) is sometimes very funny. I thought Vadivelu was very annoying, though. It was more the comedy generated by Vivek (who went moustache-less for this movie) that was laughable.

The storyline has a plot twist in it that though it's more and more ridiculous the more you think about it that it's enough to make you sit up and have some interest in the story.

The songs are great. Yuvan Shankar Raja has written some great music, and Prabhu Deva shows off his dancing skills (especially in a brief dance in "Color Color"), thankfully returning a little to his roots.

This is a Prabhu Deva movie. What were you expecting, "Hey Ram"? It's enjoyable, entertaining fluff.

Like I said, great job. Best songs, "Color Color" and "Alagaana Suriyan."

Watch it on video.


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