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Movie Review: Mitta Mirasu (2001) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still For every director like Jeeva (12B), who is ready to tackle new concepts and ideas in Tamil cinema, there exist a dozen directors willing to settle for the same old storyline and offering nothing new in their treatment of it either. Mitta Miraasu director Mu.Kalanjiyam definitely falls in the latter category. The movie offers up the time-tested story of a man struggling to clear his father's name in the eyes of the villagers.

Chellaiya(Prabhu) is at loggerheads with his uncle Masilamani(Alex) and his two sons. Several incidents help compound this enmity with Chellaiya marrying Meenakshi(Roja), who refuses to marry Masilamani's son after learning of his vices. Chellaiya's brother(Ravi Rahul) and his wife Vijaya(Mumtaj) become closer to Masilamani and his sons and so Chellaiya tells his brother the truth. Turns out that Masilamani had been responsible for backstabbing Chellaiya's father(Napolean) turning the villagers against him. Its now upto Chellaiya now to clear his name and expose Masilamani's true colors.

Mitta Miraasu sets several things up and raises expectations but then fails to deliver on those expectations. Problems arise and issues are created but all of them end in a rather lame manner. The biggest of these is obviously the reason behind Prabhu's enmity with Alex. His mother's widowhood and Alex's character set us up for a weighty flashback but the sequence is anticlimactic. Similar flashbacks in movies like Muthu were superbly handled and contributed to the effectiveness of the movie as a whole. While Napolean gets the right kind of introduction, the whole segment lacks any kind of zing and both Alex's act and the result are muted and mild considering the buildup.

With the flashback coming rather late, the director is forced to move the story along with routine romance, comedy, songs and stunts. All of these are good at spots and so prevent the movie from being bogged down too much. Manivannan and Vadivelu have some funny lines with Vadivelu being the target of blows from not just Sarala but also his little son. But the biggest laughs are unfortunately generated by the cheesy graphics in the climax. Inspite of stiff competition from Rama.Narayanan's Amman movies, Prabhu's leap from the house and the subsequent fake explosion win the prizes for the most cheesy graphics in tamil movies this year.

A visibly aged Prabhu takes a break from his middle-class comedies and gets a few more oppurtunities to emote. The role of his father would have been played as a second role by Sarathkumar or Vijayakanth in their movies but here Napolean takes up the role. He is adequately dignified. Alex, who plays a much smaller part, is the main villain here and enjoys himself. Roja plays her usual rowdy role initially but is subdued in the second half. Mumtaj struts her stuff in one song sequence. Newcomer Aslam Mustafa presents some nice tunes that sound different from the songs in other similar movies set in villages.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam