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Movie Review: Viswanathan Ramamurthy (2001) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still With Vivek's popularity increasing with every new movie, it was only a matter of time before a producer decided to cash in on him by making him a hero. That film, Panju is being made currently but director Rama.Narayanan, always known for making quick movies, jumps into the fray sooner with Viswanathan Ramamurthy. Vivek here is the defacto hero though Ramki's name appears in the credits first. But as was the case with Engalukkum Kaalam Varum, which had even more comedians and even less laughs, all the movie proves is that even the funniest comedians needs the right kind of dialogs to deliver laughs.

Ramamurthy(Vivek), with dreams of making a movie, moves to the city with his wife Shenbagam(Vindhya), banking on his rich friend Viswanathan(Ramki) to help him. Turns out Viswanathan is a househusband to his wife Meena(Roja), an aspiring actress. With the intent on laying their hands on 30 lakhs, Shenbagam begins to act as Viswanathan's wife and Meena, in financial trouble of her own, agrees to be part of the drama. But Andal('Kovai' Sarala), who sees Ramamurthy as the man of her dreams, tries to woo him.

With its setup of Vindhya acting as Ramki's wife and 'Kovai' Sarala smelling a rat in the arrangement, the movie is developed along the lines of one of 'Crazy' Mohan's dramas. Unfortunately, Rama.Narayanan is unable to use the setup creatively. There are some funny jokes and one-liners scattered around but these could have fitted into any movie. He does not generate any laughs out of the situation. The limit of Rama.Narayanan's ideas is to provide two doors for the rooms of Ramki and Vivek. So the two couples move between the rooms through one pair of doors while Sarala stands guard at the other. And the director uses this idea not once but twice!

The inclusion of Roja, as Vivek's sister, in the drama increases the confusion and the potential for comedy but not the actual laughs. The feeling that we are watching a 'Crazy' Mohan drama is strengthened with sequences like both Vivek and Ramki arranging for people to act as Vivek's father, resulting in three people showing up at once. But the comic potential of scenes like these too is wasted.

It is this movie that has finally made me realise that 'Kovai' Sarala has turned into the female version of Vadivelu. A good actress who is capable of making us laugh just with her accent, she definitely needs to be reigned in to be effective. Here she is let loose as a woman obsessed with wedding the Lord and is plain intolerable. She is loud and obnoxious and all her sequences induce groans instead of laughs. The movie itself reaches its lows during sequences involving Sarala. Her imagination of Vivek as the Lord is distasteful and the graphics in her dream are cheesy and completely out of place in the movie.

Ramki comes and goes without being noticed. A couple of extra duets and stunt sequences are the only signs that he is the hero in the movie. Vivek dominates the scenes and rightfully so. He is responsible for the few laughs in the movie though the laughs are woefully less compared to the laughs from his comedy tracks in recent movies. Roja has some lines that reflect the financial troubles she has had recently with her debts but her performance is average. Same goes for Vindhya.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam