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Movie Review: Kadal Pookal (2001) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 73%%73%% 73% (15 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Peter (Manoj) and Karuthayya (Murali) are both poor fishermen, and have been on the seas all their lives. They're also best friends, and absolutely adore one another. They both have younger sisters who they want to give good lives to. Peter is quick-tempered, while Karuthayya is soft and understanding. Karuthayya is also in love with a salt-seller.

The problems in their lives come from their little sisters. Karuthayya's little sister commits the forgivable offense of falling in love with Peter, despite Karuthayya's desire that she marry away from the sea, so as not to be as poor as him. Peter's younger sister, however, allows herself to be betrayed by a town boy, who impregnates her and then disappears. Peter plans to marry his pregnant younger sister to some unsuspecting fisherman.

When Karuthayya asks Peter to marry his younger sister, Peter turns around and says will he accept Peter's younger sister as his wife? So Karuthayya hides his love, and agrees to marry Peter's younger sister, so that his own younger sister can live happily with the one she loves. Later, he discovers the truth that Peter's younger sister is actually pregnant, and that Peter has "betrayed" him by hiding the truth from him.

Can their friendship survive?

I'm happy. I'm so happy. I mean, after seeing the Bharathiraja-Manoj team in "Taj Mahal," I was fully expecting the worst for "Kadal Pookkal."

But it's not so bad. In fact, "Kadal Pookkal" is a sometimes-okay sometimes-absorbing account of the lives of two fisherman buddies. Both Murali and Manoj fit into their respective roles well, and each actor has done a passable job.

The movie is not as good as movies from Bharathiraja's golden era, but they are certainly better than his previous venture "Taj Mahal." The ending is a bit weird, leaving a character hanging off the back of the boat with a rock on his back and forgetting about him, but the message Bharathiraja manages to slide in is nice.

Not the best movie. But certainly watchable.

Okay music by Deva. Nothing spectacular. Nothing very bad. Best songs are probably "Alai Alai" and maybe "Siluvaigalae."

Watch it on video.


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