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Movie Review: Asathal (2001) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still P.Vasu has predominantly been known for sentimental movies. But recent flops like Vannathamizh Paattu and Seenu proved that he has lost his touch when it comes to movies focussing on relationships and emotions. But he also made the occasional comedy with movies like Nadigan, which were more enjoyable than his other efforts. But Asathal, again with Satyaraj in the lead, proves that Vasu has lost his touch and run out of ideas in comedies also.

Vetri(Satyaraj), Venu(Vadivelu) and Victor(Ramesh Khanna) are three friends, spending their time having fun. Of the three, Vetri is the rich one while the other two are simply taking advantage of his riches. For this reason, they do not want him to get married while his uncle(Manivannan) desperately tries to get him hitched. A pregnant woman, on the run from a henchman, delivers her baby in Vetri's house and dies before revealing who the father is. Vetri announces in court that he is the baby's father but this lands him in more hot water than he had expected.

Most of the characters in the movie suffer from a profound lack of intelligence. And the stupidity of only one of them, the assassin, is used for laughs. So the acts of the others just seem dumb. Foremost among them is the father of the baby, who for no descernible reason, attempts to kill the baby. How exactly can a baby who is a few months old pose a danger to him? And even if he fears the mother may have revealed his identity to Satyaraj, shouldn't he try and kill Satyaraj instead? As for the henchman he uses to kill the baby, the dumb villains in movies like Home Alone are the obvious inspiration for him as he goes about stumbling and tumbling.

Though the initial situation of three men getting stuck with a baby and developing an attachment towards it may remind one of the Hollywood flick Three Men and a Baby, the rest of the proceedings have nothing to do with it. Barring a few scenes, the baby plays no part in the happenings as the director concentrates more on the three heroes finding partners. While the baby himself is cute, the graphics used at a few places to simulate his expressions and gestures are cheesy and artificial. The director has also hoped to generate some suspense regarding Ramya Krishnan's motive for entering the house but fails as the motive is obvious from the first moment.

Vasu has apparently mistaken comedy for vulgarity while designing the comic situations in this movie. Most scenes where Vadivelu or Ramesh Khanna interact with their respective heroines are crude and vulgar. But Satyaraj and Ramya Krishnan have few encounters and their romance is rather low-key. There is one sequence where the trio go in search of a cow that has been awkwardly inserted solely to garner laughs. The sequence is crude but succeeds in its aim of making us laugh.

The hangover of the success of Ennammaa Kannu has still not worn off for Satyaraj as he plays his character exactly the same way. But the weak dialogs don't do much for him. Ramya Krishnan enters the house in the garb of an old, unmarried mami(a la Avvai Shanmugi) but soon re-enters in her regular mode. She looks pretty but has nothing much to do. Vadivelu and Ramesh Khanna do what they can to make us laugh. But one can't help sympathise with Swathi over her plight. The actress, who was paired with actors like Vijay not too long ago, is paired with Ramesh Khanna and has little screen time. Bharadwaj obviously saves his best tunes for director Charan since none of his songs here are memorable.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam