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Movie Review: Ullam Kollai Poguthe (2001) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 75%%75%% 75% (17 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Anbu (Prabhu Deva) is a mimicry artist, and can mimic the voice of most anyone he hears. He goes through life, living only for his sister (Deepa Venkat), until one day he meets Jothi (Anjala), his sister's friend, and falls in love with her.

He is about to tell her of his love when he finds out that Jothi is already in love with Goutham (Karthik), and so Anbu exits the love triangle.

Disaster strikes, though, when Goutham is killed in a car accident. Jothi loses her own eyes in the accident, and since her heart is weak, the doctor advises them not to tell her that Goutham is dead.

When Jothi awakes and asks for Goutham, Anbu steps in and begins speaking in Goutham's voice to convince her that Goutham is alive.

What seems like a formulaic film sidesteps into a "different" kind of sentiment when Prabhu Deva fills Karthik's shoes. Prabhu Deva films all seem to have the quality of being okay, but never quite better than that, and "Ullam Kollai Poguthey" seems to follow this to the letter.

There is some comedy here and there (Vivek appears) but even the comedy track isn't all that exceptional.

Sundar C. is a director who sometimes makes average fare ("Unnai Thedi") and sometimes makes very boring films. "Ullam Kollai Poguthey" is of the former category.

The film is enjoyable at some superficial level. Just don't go to it expecting too much.

The songs are okay. Nothing memorable.

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