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Movie Review: Ullam Kollai Poguthe (2001) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still So far, Sundar.C's movies have fallen into one of two categories. On one hand we have his comedies which started off strongly with Ullaithai Alli Thaa but have become increasingly silly and mindless, as was the case with Unakkaaga Ellaam Unakkaaga. On the other hand, he has also given us sentimental movies like Azhagarsaami. Personally, I have found the latter to be more tolerable. This time he has made a love story and comparing it to his recent string of movies, it looks like he might be better at this.

Anbu(Prabhu Deva) is a professional dubbing artiste who can mimic the voice of anyone. He falls in love with Jyothi(Anjala), his sister's friend, but soon learns that Jyothi is in love with Gautham(Karthik). Disaster strikes when Gautham dies in an accident, which also leaves Jyothi temporarily blinded. Since she is in no condition to hear of Gautham's death, Anbu begins to speak in Gautham's voice, convincing her that her lover is alive and well.

Subtlety and romance are not words I normally associate with Sundar C but Prabhu Deva's feelings for Anjala have been expressed so well that I had trouble believing that it was Sundar behind the camera. The song sequence where Prabhu Deva imagines rain centered over him is delightful. The way he imagines himself and Anjala in various poses depending on the way he arranges their slippers is very imaginative while there are spontaneous laughs in the way his plan of letting the air out of her scooter tyre goes awry. The scene where he brings a single rose while Anjala is overwhelmed by loads of rose petals from Karthik is poignant and directed very sensitively.

These initial portions are enjoyable with lots of mimicry, fun, song and dance. Prabhu Deva succeeds in creating a likeable character whom we can sympathise with and his mimicry scenes, like the way he consoles his sister, are enjoyable. But showing Anjala's parents as uncaring and unloving is unnecessary and is never touched upon or even indicated later in the story. The storyline of Prabhu Deva having to 'be' Karthik is brought in well. But the movie does begin to drag after this though with sequences which make it clear that Prabhu Deva is in love with Anjala coming one after the other. Since we already know this, these scenes are meaningless.

The ending portions are again unnecessarily stretched with needless complications being brought in. The change of heart of Anjala, which is the whole point of the climax, is rushed through and unconvincing while Prabhu Deva's decision seems stupid instead of earning sympathy. But the climax on the stage is well done though.

As in Nageswari, Vivek starts off strongly with his comments about the devotees dressed in black. The comedy track is centered around him facing danger from water and his encounter with the old man is very funny. But the following sequences are rarely funny with the one where another man is at the receiving end being particularly distasteful. Vivek does regain some lost ground in the final sequence where he accompanies another man in the rain. His Guna-like rounding of the hospital room is also a nice piece.

Prabhu Deva is at ease in both the playful and serious portions of the movie. Anjala looks pretty but struggles to show emotions on her face. Karthik irritates in his cameo with his hyperactive dialog delivery and movements. Karthik Raja does a Deva with his Kingda..., which bears a lot of resemblance to Yappa Yappa Iyappa... from Ezhaiyin Sirippil. But Kavidhaigal Sollava... is a catchy melodious number.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam