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Movie Review: Piriyaadha Varam Vendum (2001) Back to Movie
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Movie Still STORYLINE:
Sanjay (Prasanth) and Nithi (Shalini) have been best friends since they were little. They spend every waking minute together. Such is the situation when they enter college. Once in college, Nithi goes away for one week to Bangalore, and Sanjay realizes from how much he misses her that he is in love with her.

He hides his love, however, thinking that she will not like him anymore for disrespecting their friendship.

Enter Sneha (Jomol) and Praveen (Krishna) who fall in love with Sanjay and Nithi respectively. Before Sanjay has time to think about it, Nithi is engaged to Praveen, and the wedding bells are about to go off.

Will Sanjay keep quiet about his love for the entire movie?

For her last film, Shalini has chosen "Piriyaatha Varam Vaendum", a remake of the Malayalam film "Niram". The film, fortunately, does not disappoint. I have been a fan of four out of the five Tamil films Shalini has made ("Kaadhalukku Mariyaathai," "Amarkkalam", "Alai Paayuthey", and now "Piriyaatha Varam Vaendum" -- "Kannukul Nilavu" is the one Shalini film I have hated). And though "Piriyaatha" isn't excellent, it certainly is enjoyable.

There are several "little" things to be enjoyed in this movie, such as Sneha's last stumble, or Manivannan's dialogues, or the quality of acting. Shalini gives a fine performance, and even Prasanth (who I normally don't think is much of an actor) gives a pretty good performance as Sanjay.

There is a lot of comedy in this film from the supporting characters, ranging from Manivannan to Manorama to Ambika to 'Nilalgal' Ravi to Janagaraj to Kovay Sarala. Even Vadivelu shows up for one very short scene in which he doesn't even say a word. Not all of the comedy works, but when it does, it works well.

The quibbles I have with this movie are the overemoting of Prasanth and Shalini near the beginning, and the predictability of the storyline.

But this is an entertaining and enjoyable film, probably the best film of 2001 so far.

Most of the songs were very disappointing (notice all of Shalini's previous cinemas had excellent songs) but Vidai Kodu Vidai Kodu and Pirivondrai are probably the pick of the lot.

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