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Movie Review: Parthane Rasithane (2000) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 82%%82%% 82% (40 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Prashanth plays a youth who has nothing much better to do with his time than go to bus stops and sight-adikku Laila. She reciprocates his looks, and without speaking many words, the pair find themselves in love.

Prashanth lives with medical student Banu (Simran) and her brother played by Raghuvaran. Banu secretly loves Prashanth and bristles when Laila enters the scene. She does a little plotting (in a nice little villain role) to get Prashanth to herself. She manages to convince his mother and father (annoying Vinu Chakravarthy) that she is their future daughter-in-law, and thinks several steps ahead of Prashanth.

Laila, of course, attempts to commit suicide, because she can't have Prashanth. Her inert body is taken to medical student Banu for treatment. Prashanth worries that Banu will kill Laila as a doctor, and yells through the window, "I will marry you if you let Laila live!"

Banu reforms immediately, and everyone is happy.

Saran movies all have one characteristic -- they have intriguing villains, ranging from Tulsi Dass in "Amarkkalam" to Banu in "Parthaen Rasithaen." In fact, this movie would have garnered a 1 out of 4 if not for one aspect -- Simran. She plays her villainous character so well, it's scary. In fact, the best twenty minutes of the film is when Simran is unveiled as a villain, a trampled snake ready to strike. The energy she brings to the role is excellent.

The comedy of Charlie, Dhamu, and Vayapuri is another high point of the film.

Another thing Saran movies all have in common is weak endings, from "Kadhal Mannan"'s to "Amarkkalam"'s to "Parthaen Rasithaen." Simran's reformation is entirely unconvincing.

Prashanth brings no great acting to the role (does anyone expect him to anymore?) and Laila is just as unenergetic. A nice effort on Saran's part, but no great thriller. Lawrence is also annoying as Dass.

Kudos to Simran on her brilliant acting.

I didn't like Bharadwaj's music, but it was a hit in India. Who am I to judge? Prashanth "speaks" his own song.

Watch it on video. Good enough for that.

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